Political Re-Alignment

In my constant effort to understand how anyone can support the chaotic, self-serving, ethically compromised Trump administration, I found this article about political re-alignment interesting.


The article suggests that more states and more individual races are up for grabs because of dramatic shifts in each party’s base:
“This volatility is rooted in the shifting basis of each side’s electoral coalition. Beginning before Trump, but accelerating under him, Republicans have established a commanding edge among older, blue-collar, non-urban and evangelical whites. That advantage is strengthening the GOP’s long-term position in Midwestern, Appalachian and Great Plains states that remain preponderantly white, heavily blue-collar and still largely dependent on manufacturing, resource-extraction and agriculture for jobs.
Starting in the 1990s, but accelerating since Barack Obama’s first election, Democrats, conversely, have grown increasingly reliant on a coalition of young people, minorities and college-educated, secular and single whites, especially women. That is slowly strengthening the party’s position in Sun Belt states that are growing more racially diverse, and are also in many cases transitioning faster than the mostly-white heartland states into the post-industrial, information-age economy.”
The great dilemma, of course, is that compromise — an essential feature of a democracy in which people believe different things and want to prioritize different things — has become a dirty word instead of an essential feature of the political process. That may mean lurching from one set of policy moves to another as elections are won and lost, rather than establishing longer term policies that an be adjusted with shifts in electoral victories.
I think that without compromise democracy doesn’t work very well, and I think what we’re seeing now is a democracy that isn’t working very well.
Not sure how to rehabilitate the word, and the process, of meeting somewhere in the middle.

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