Conscious Aging: Seniors and Pot

Years ago friend and regular reader Phyllis connected me with a blog writer and author named Sara Davidson. I’ve followed Davidson ever since, and enjoy her writing. Her latest piece, on her blog and also also in the New Yorker, is about seniors smoking pot. Cannabis in various forms has proved to be effective in seniors for pain relief, allowing many users to get off heavy duty pain meds while experiencing fewer side effects.

Despite coming of age in the 1960’s during the height of a new spirit of freedom about using pot and other drugs, I’ve never used it myself. But I would, in a heartbeat, if I had conditions that would be helped by marijuana’s active ingredients. Seattle is a great place to live for those who want to experiment. I had visitors who’d smoked pot in the 1960’s, and wanted to try some of the newer, edible forms. I had no idea where one would go to buy such things, but a quick Google search showed me that I’ve been driving past a ton of pot shops on Aurora Avenue, without knowing. We found a promising looking one, and I was astonished at what one can buy that contains edible pot.

If you’re “of a certain age”, how do you feel about trying pot for pain or other health conditions? Would you? Would it be a new experience, as it would be for me, or a return to something you enjoyed at an earlier age?

Word to the wise: if you haven’t sampled since the ’60’s, the new stuff is far more concentrated and therefore far stronger. So say my more experienced visitors. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Seniors and Pot

  1. I got this on her blog too, and wondered if you would write about it! I sampled pot in the 60’s, but like Bill Clinton I couldn’t inhale very well. Pot in gummy-bear form? Life has changed!

  2. for Phyllis: I’ve long been impressed by the evidence backing the use of medical marijuana for conditions like complex epilepsy, nausea involved in chemotherapy, etc. You’d be amazed at the range of products that fall under “edible cannabis”. When edible pot products first became all the rage here, they had to do a public interest campaign to persuade people not to feed pot-laced leftovers to their dogs. Too many animals got very sick.

  3. Never heard of this, but considering the costs seniors pay for healthcare and medicine alone, I can see it happening. Maybe regulated pot is the new pot. Haha

  4. for J: When my kids were in middle school, they were given an assignment to talk honestly with their parents about drug use. Neither Jerry nor I ever used anything. They were aghast and disbelieving. “Come on, Mom. We’re supposed to talk honestly about this.” I have rarely felt so out of it as when I finally convinced them it was true. I grew up in the height of the 1960’s, and never smoked pot or anything else for that matter.

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