Who’s At Your Front Door?

Remember when phones were to carry on conversations? Then came cell phones with cameras, and the talking function competed with snapping pics. Then came apps.

Many of have a peek-hole in the front door so we can see who is ringing the bell or knocking. Not Sara and Ben, in their new home. The door has a small touch panel with a code, which triggers an app on either of their phones to let them know someone has arrived. There’s also a camera, which shows them specifically who is at the door. I’m sure they can talk to the person, without opening the door at all.

They can also control their entire heating and cooling system from another phone app.

I think the thing they probably do least with their phones is talk on them. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Who’s At Your Front Door?

  1. for Katie: They do! When I stayed with Sara for a couple of nights before moving in here, I was downstairs earlier than she one morning and wanted to put something on the stove. I stood there and looked at the high tech glass top, tried pressing a few things, and had no luck at all. I had to wait until she came down. 🙂

  2. Very nice. The commonly used term is “smart home”. Most new homes today are built to be smart home especially in the West Coast. From a real estate perspective, it is a coveted home feature sought out by today’s sophisticated buyers and increases the value of the property for the seller. For an exhaustive explanation of a “smart home” check this out: https://home.howstuffworks.com/smart-home.htm
    Congrats to Sara and Ben!


  3. for Ron: The features in their new home are really astonishing — they made a great choice!Thanks for this reference — will pass along to them.

  4. Smart homes are in! Hubby got me a ring doorbell for Xmas, and I thought why would I want that? Considering we lived here for 15 years without a working doorbell -on purpose! But with the warmer weather, he installed it. I love it! I can see if someone is at my house, when UPS comes, if the package is left, and I can talk to them too! Lov eit.

  5. for J: Well, you have a smart home too. I still have to open the door. I’m really surprised at how much gets done via cell phone app these days. I can hardly believe you’re there 15 years. I can remember being so excited to come and see the new house. 🙂

  6. Oh I’m far from a smart home. I just have the ring doorbell and trust me I still get up and answer it. 😂

  7. for J: I’m still trying to figure out the programmable thermostat in my new home. 🙂 I do much better with on/off, and a temperature button that goes up and down. What I have is much more complicated.

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