Move: The Unreasonable Joy of a Toaster

We had a toaster oven, heavily used, in the kitchen on San Gabriel Drive. I seem to remember pizza muffins — sauce and mozzarella on an English muffin — being in great demand at one point. I had a toaster oven in the condo when I first moved here, which had quite a reasonable kitchen. But when I moved to the apartment, the only two small appliances to make the cut re counter space were my coffee maker and the Soda Stream, which I use a lot. There simply wasn’t room for anything else, and I decided I’d rather do without toast than have to find cupboard space — equally scarce — and drag the thing out whenever I wanted to use it.

But now, I have an abundance of space. A favorite breakfast is a toasted Lender’s bagel — they’re small in size and fewer calories than what you get at most coffee shops — with hummus, a slice of tomato, and a couple of cucumber slices. Some cantaloupe on the side. Coffee.

After reading Amazon reviews of the cheaper toasters, I opted for a mid-price one, a two-slicer. I don’t really need more than that.

I’m unreasonably joyful about having a toaster back. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Move: The Unreasonable Joy of a Toaster

  1. for J: Amazon, and then all the boxes broken down that nonetheless fill my recycling bin pretty quickly. I think it will slow down after awhile, but right now they are beating a path to my door.

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