Move: Riding the Bus

I haven’t ridden the bus on a routine basis since growing up in Kearny, NJ. Our high school gave bus passes for the city system, rather than providing school busses. And, I frequently rode the bus to Newark with one or both of my sisters to shop and have lunch in the tea room at Hahne’s or Kresge’s on Broad Street. A wonderful memory of early childhood was our father taking us on the bus to Newark’s Penn Station, where we ran from platform to platform to watch arriving trains. That was one of our best Saturday outings.

My new home is not far from my old neighborhood, but a really steep hill intervenes. I look at walking up that hill as great exercise, and am happy to do it most times — but not at 9pm at night after Louise and I have gone to supper and a film. Doing so on a Saturday night would be quite safe here in Seattle, with many people around. But my energy level flags by then. This hill isn’t that long — maybe 8 blocks — but it’s really, really steep.

I could easily have taken a Lyft, but I do have a reduced rate senior Orca card, which entitles me to ride the bus or ferry or any part of the Metro transit system for $1. There are two busses that go up the hill, with a stop just a block from the movie theater, and a stop just a few blocks from my new home. I grabbed one of those busses, and was quite happy with the ride.

Louise sent me a link to a ride planner for the city bus system, which I downloaded as an app on my phone. You put in your current location, your destination, and hit “go”. The app tells you what bus to take, where to get it, and what the schedule is.

Seattle doesn’t have a subway — we do have light rail, busses, and a robust ferry system. I’m glad to be able to use all of it. 🙂


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