Republican Corruption

As long as Republicans refuse to hold Trump accountable for anything, I’m including them in the stench of corruption emanating from the Oval Office.

The really interesting and curious thing in all the scandals swirling around Trump — the Mueller investigation, the Cohen matter, the latest round of women like Stormy Daniels accusing Trump of improperly silencing them — no one other than Trump is saying he’s innocent. His supporters talk about the unfairness of the various probes, about the fact that people knew who Trump is and voted for him anyway, and that other presidents have done bad things too. But no one — Sean Hannity excepted — is saying anything like, “You can look at this man’s exemplary personal and business life and know these accusations can’t be true.”

The assumption seems to be, “Of course Trump is a world class sleaze. But the base loves him, so we’re all in.”

I find myself wondering if the kind of public service that Barbara Bush understood to be an American value can ever return, or whether we’re in for reality show presidencies from now on.

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