Move Update: Housewarming

Dear Rochester friend and regular reader J. sent me a housewarming gift: a plant that I start inside, but can be placed outdoors after it begins to grow and when the weather is reliably warm enough. I’m delighted.

I left Rochester because being nearer my adult kids seemed like a good idea, and it is. But I didn’t leave my Rochester friends, who continue to be a precious part of my life.

Thank you, J. and all, for your good wishes and messages of support and housewarming gifts. I am blessed to have met and forged deep bonds with you.

4 thoughts on “Move Update: Housewarming

  1. Aww. You know we love you and miss you here in Rochester!
    It’s a sunflower, Your favorite if I remember right. Hope it grows beautiful for you to see everyday.

  2. for J: Sunflower is my favorite. Seeds planted, and on the way. Said it might take up to four weeks. More pics when it begins to sprout.

  3. Yes, I had a tough decision maker, do I send the sunflower boutique or a from scratch one for the new home…the from scratch won out. Hope it blooms beautiful!

  4. for J: Am eager to see the seeds sprouting. The pot is in my kitchen window, with a lot of light. I water lightly every other day as recommended. Am quite excited about this!

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