Move Update: Checking the Sewer Line

Seattle has a 100 year old sewer system, with aging clay pipes. My old home town of Rochester did too, and at one point our sewer line to the street cracked and collapsed underground. We had to dig a big trench through the front yard, enough to dispose of a whole squad of Mafia hit men. [As part of the move I’ve upgraded my cable package, so have HBO again. Am celebrating by re-watching The Sopranos. :)]

Since we pulled out the vastly overgrown bushes in the front, below which the sewer line runs, Sara thought it a good idea to check the integrity of the line before we re-landscape. I offered to arrange it, since I’m here and she’s working.

Out came a very nice young plumber with a camera attached to a long scope, and a computer screen — sort of like a colonoscopy for the sewer. He invited me to watch. Quite fascinating, actually, what lives down there. Rats of course. Huge spiders. I mean really huge.

Good news on this one — the line is old but intact, no need to do anything now.

What you’re looking at is the inside of a clay pipe, not somebody’s intestines. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Move Update: Checking the Sewer Line

  1. for Katie: Neither did I. Honestly, the principle is just the same as a colonoscopy. All is revealed. 🙂

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