Move Update: Being Here Rather than There

My downtown neighborhood was only ten or fifteen minutes from both Sara and Matt, but required street parking — always scarce. That made it more of an effort for them to come to me.

My new home is closer to Matt and still only 15 minutes or so from Sara’s new place. On the Saturday before I moved in, I was without a screw driver to put together my small shop vac. I texted Matt to see if he could run over and help — he could. On Wednesday night, Sara stopped by after work to pick up a few things. I had baked chicken and sweet potatoes coming out of  the oven. I asked if she’d like to stay to dinner — Ben is in Austin a the moment — and she did.

This kind of thing will be much easier and more frequent here than there, and I’m delighted. I miss my view a little, but I love having more space, a gas oven instead of an electric stove top, and a yard. And I love being even more accessible to family. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Move Update: Being Here Rather than There

  1. for J: I did cook. Chicken thighs — I only really like dark meat chicken — and sweet potatoes in a pyrex pan. Tasty!!

  2. Sounds like your grocery bill will be going up and your dine out bill be be deflating alilttle! Home sweet home.

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