Evangelicals Love Trump

A research group called PRRI has found that white Evangelical support for Trump is at an all time high: 75% overall hold favorable views of him and want him to be the 2020 Republican candidate for president. Eighty one percent of white Evangelical males support Trump, and 71% of white Evangelical women. The brief article doesn’t opine why this might be so, just documents that it is.

While I was book touring and consulting after the publication of How Much is Enough? in 2002, I met many white Protestant Evangelicals — my book appealed to them as a way to help their church members learn to talk about stewardship. I have to say I’m mystified. The people I met were strong supporters of family values, morality in public and private life, religious observance — all things that no sane person would associate with Trump. The only thing I can think of is that Evangelicals tend to be strongly opposed to women’s reproductive rights. Trump conservative judges may seem to them a fair trade off for overlooking his jarring discontinuity with most things they profess to value.

I’d call it a devil’s bargain.


2 thoughts on “Evangelicals Love Trump

  1. For an interesting perspective on Trump’s appeal to evangelicals, see this article in the May 14 issue of The Nation: How Martin Luther Paved the Way for Donald Trump. Enlightening. Worrisome.

  2. for Louise: Will look, thanks. “Worrisome” is indeed the right descriptor. I still call it a devil’s bargain.

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