Move: Waking Up in My New Space

I felt as if I were waking up in a mansion yesterday morning.  I don’t actually know how big Sara’s house is — these American Craftsman homes that were typical of Seattle in the 1920’s and 30’s are not huge. Sara put on a nice addition, so the master bedroom suite is quite large, and there is a fabulous walk-in shower. I was getting tired of climbing over the edge of a rather deep tub in the apartment to use the shower. And the pic below is of the family room just beyond the wonderful new kitchen. The light in this room is quite appealing, even on a mostly cloudy day.

As I was dozing before coming fully awake, I heard songbirds instead of the crows that populated my old neighborhood.

All of my artwork is up. These are two of my best pieces, a Diane Arbus and a Mary Ellen Mark. I’m quite pleased with how all the art looks.

I know I can live in 900 square feet. I could probably live in less. But I’m inordinately happy right now to have all of this space, and to be in a finished home — rather than the open loft style of the apartment, with all the pipes visible beneath the concrete ceiling. I liked that look when I moved in and for awhile, but have felt done with it for some time. Sara’s home has beautiful wood moldings and trim around the ceiling — the kind of work it’s hard to get in a newer home. And she has real wood floors, not wood laminate.

I’m quite happy to be here.

2 thoughts on “Move: Waking Up in My New Space

  1. for J: Arrived this evening. Hope you got the pic I sent. Thank you, dear friend. Have left Rochester because it was best for me to be nearer my kids, but have never left Rochester friends. You and your family mean a great deal to me.

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