Bizarre Comment of the Week

Governor Matt  Bevin of Kentucky opined that because teachers went on strike, a child somewhere in the state was sexually assaulted.

Where do red states find these people? And who, exactly, are the voters who support them?

I think the word Hillary used was “deplorable”, and although people didn’t like it, I can’t say she was far off the mark.

2 thoughts on “Bizarre Comment of the Week

  1. Fortunately, he is getting blasted all over the national news media for his stupidity. And to the credit of SC’s very conservative state leg, this week they voted down a small group of idiots’ proposal to close the three remaining abortion services in SC, all linked with family planning and gyn services. Will (some) men never stop trying to make life very difficult for women and public employees?

  2. for Phyllis: Unfortunately, this wasn’t a mere slip of the tongue, but what the guy actually believes. Glad to hear that legislation was voted down.

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