Beach House

The homes right on the beach where I’m staying sell in the millions of dollars, and they are quite beautiful. All of them have strong seawalls against the encroaching surf.

On Thursday morning we had an especially high tide, strong wind, and very heavy surf. The water reached the point where you see seaweed, which is to say within a few feet of the sea wall.

All things being equal, I’d never bet against a powerful high tide — seawall or no.

4 thoughts on “Beach House

  1. The fact is that with warming waters we will see more moisture in the air, causing powerful rain storms and rising seas. If we don’t act to control carbon emissions, “inconvenience” will be the least of it.

  2. for Katie: Anyone who lived through the storm tides in New York during the most recent hurricane had ample proof of the power of surging water.

  3. for Linda: The most recent news on climate change is troubling indeed — the processes that we’ve feared will happen in the future are happening much more rapidly than we expected.

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