What Color are States with Terrible Health Outcomes?

There is a downturn in life expectancy in America, but it’s not across the board. Rather, the problem is clustered in certain states. A new JAMA study drilled down to get specifics.

“In 2016, the 10 states with the highest probability of premature death among 20- to 55-year-olds were West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arkansas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Meanwhile, the 10 states with lowest probability of premature death among this age group were Minnesota, California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Hawaii.

The pattern here jumps right out. The states where health outcomes are poor and life expectancy is declining are red, and voted for Trump. and against the ACA. The healthier states are blue.


And yet it’s the red states that are holding tenaciously to their cultural and tribal mores, and fiercely defending Trump.

Go figure.


4 thoughts on “What Color are States with Terrible Health Outcomes?

  1. This fits South Carolina perfectly. They don’t like the ACA, refused the Medicaid expansion (thanks Nicki Haley), have been slow to enforce anti-smoking education and rules, and the list can go on. Name a chronic disease and it’s here in high numbers. And the state is redder than red and still loves Donald.
    Glad I have insurance and can afford health care when I need it.

  2. The southern states have always been red and always treated the poor as sub-human, not deserving decent health care and, often, good education. Its tragic. I’m glad I don’t live there.

  3. for Katie: I’m glad I don’t live there either. I once read an article about 10 great places to live in retirement, and one was Oxford, Mississippi. I read the description, and then thought “Mississippi”. Nah, even if housing costs were low and university related culture high.

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