What Children Observe

Archie was about to undertake something I thought sounded like a lot of fun, so I asked him if he thought I could possible pass for six and do it with him.

He looked at me somberly. “Grammie, your face has lines. Kids don’t have lines. No one will think you are six.” I then dug the hole deeper by asking if I have a lot of lines. “Yes, Grammie. You have a lot.” He wasn’t being unkind, just observant.

I thought he was right on target and hilarious. 🙂

10 thoughts on “What Children Observe

  1. for Phyllis: I think that one is ongoing. I honestly did find Archie’s observation funny, and interesting, among all the ways he might have picked to distinguish me from a six year old. I would never have thought of lines on my face, although they are certainly there.

  2. It is hilarious. My 4 year old granddauhter Fiona is very direct. She recently said to me “Lola, you must eat a lot of lunch,you have a big tummy.”

  3. Oh my! You have to find the humor in kids honesty! I have many many stories from my girl….if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry at the offensiveness.

  4. for J: Of all the ways he could have distinguished a person of my age from a six year old, I thought “lines” was a remarkable observation.

  5. I remember my girl used to hug me or touch my stomach at that age and say how different my stomach felt than hers…and not in a good way!

  6. My daughter, at about 3 or 4 then, asked her grandma if she could have her lovely red high heels after she died… 🤭🤣

  7. for Vedat: A humorist named Art Linkletter, back in the 1950’s, used to collect the amusing things young children said and publish them. Children have gotten no less innocently funny than they were back then. Thanks for sharing this delightful comment, and I hope grandma laughed too!

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