Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan looks like an altar boy, but he’s a lifelong devotee of Ayn Rand. Like his guru, Ryan believes that public policy should steer more riches toward the already successful, and deny any comfort to the afflicted lest they come to rely on it. He believes that people like my mother, who had to leave high school at 16 to help support her family, should suffer forever for the sins of her alcoholic father. She should be on her own to have figured out how to advance in the 1940’s as a young woman without a high school diploma.

Ryan made a devil’s bargain with Trump, deciding that if Trump would support the massive tax cuts that fit with Ryan’s philosophy of starving the federal government of resources to provide for the public good, he would overlook Trump’s corruption, his racist dog whistles, his erratic management.

The common wisdom is that Ryan will retreat to Wisconsin and avoid the impending Trump train wreck, then resurface and run for president, untainted.

I don’t think so. I hope Ryan goes back to Wisconsin where he came from, and is rarely heard from again.

2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan

  1. I do think Ryan is escaping the Trump Train wreck. I don’t agree with Ryan’s politics or philosophies. But, I don’t think he’s stupid. Getting out before the bomb drops is wise. I don’t know how any ethical person can remain. Oh, perhaps there is no one left with ethics!

  2. for Katie: I think they are all tainted serving in this dreadful administration. I can’t imagine how Mattis stays.

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