Sidestepping a Royal Dilemma

Prince Harry is apparently fond of the Obamas, and royal fiance Meghan Markle is not a fan of Trump. But Trump is insanely competitive with President Obama, and an invitation to the upcoming royal wedding that included the Obamas but not the Trumps was a big red flag diplomatically.

The couple is sidestepping the issue — very royal to sidestep controversy — by not inviting political figures at all. No Trumps, and no Obamas either. That leaves the couple free to socialize with Barack and Michelle Obama later, and to avoid the Trumps altogether.

I personally relish anything that gets under Trump’s skin, but a wedding is not a political statement,  nor should it be. Sounds like the young couple made a wise choice.

2 thoughts on “Sidestepping a Royal Dilemma

  1. Wise choice indeed! But you and I know if they weren’t who they are, they’d just tell trump to take a flying leap!

  2. for J: Absolutely. We all make decisions about who to invite, or not, to a wedding. But a royal wedding is a whole other thing. I hope Harry’s lovely fiance knows what she’s getting into.

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