Impeccable Balance

There are simple ways to work on balance as we get older, like standing on one foot while brushing teeth. I try to remember to do that, alternating feet morning and night.

I wish I could stand on one foot this effortlessly and this long. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Impeccable Balance

  1. for Phyllis: that’s a great idea. I have to choose a new gym, as my downtown Y will no longer be convenient to where I’ll now be living. I’m vacillating between a more chi-chi place that has a pool, or the simple gym with weights and cardio. No decision yet — I want to visit each option.

  2. You should be doing some of those weight exercises on one foot! I know you remember our balance exercises!

  3. for J:I do indeed. The difference between working out with you and doing it on my own is that I’m much more likely to gravitate toward the things I like doing, and skip the ones I don’t. 🙂

  4. for J: Rock climbing is a super good balancing activity. Just a little hard on the body if I fall. 🙂

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