Spring in San Diego

When I went to Panama in the late 1960’s, I became acquainted with a climate that has two seasons: wet and dry. No spring, or fall, or winter, or summer — just torrential rain or blazing sun. I grew up in the northeast, so I love fall leaves and spring crocuses and long lazy August days. But I knew quite clearly I could live in a two season climate.

Seattle has gorgeous summer weather, and a temperate winter — but with lots of rain. Lots of long-time Seattle-ites find the rain soothing. I don’t. I could live in a dry, sunny San Diego climate year round and be perfectly happy.

But I wouldn’t have Klainer West, and that matters more. 🙂

Here’s what sunny San Diego has to offer visitors in spring.


4 thoughts on “Spring in San Diego

  1. Beautiful sign of spring. Our hearty daffodils are looking quite lovely popping out of the neatly 2 inch snowfall we got last night.

  2. The flowers are just beautiful. It’s nice to see that Spring is somewhere. It’s certainly not in NYC.

    I, too, could live in a dry, sunny climate. Enjoy.

  3. for Joyce: I love hearty daffodils, poking up from ground covered with snow with bright yellow blooms.

  4. for Katie: Looks like you had a decent day for the Tartan parade, although cold. I was sorry to miss it. Next year!

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