The Move: Latest Update

Ben and Sara’s mortgage approval just came through — a bit laggardly, as mortgage underwriters are being very picky these days. Trump’s trash talking Amazon stock, which made Sara’s stock options bounce around, didn’t help. But we’re now full steam ahead, with closing and their move out and my move in to happen within the next week.

My sister-in-law Amy is an astrologer by profession, and she reminds me that as a Taurus, I’m very much in need of routine and internal order. She’s right. I knew that rushing to move out of my apartment and not getting into Sara’s until April 16 would upset that internal order. I’m focusing on soothing behavior in the meantime, which has helped. And now that things are clearly falling into place, I’m beginning to settle down and get excited about what lies ahead.

2 thoughts on “The Move: Latest Update

  1. for Katie: Remember that I’m all downsized, though. And I hired the movers to pack me as well, and unpack. It took me longer to move out of San Gabriel Drive.

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