Writing Life: Finding my Blog

My late father-in-law, Dr. Max J. Klainer, was a physician in private practice in Stoneham, Mass. Max died of a massive stroke in the early 1980’s.

Yesterday, in the Comments section, I received this note from Richard Holt, who found my blog during a search and wondered if I had more than the same last name in common with Max. Holt’s late mother was a patient, and he wanted to reach out to express his gratitude to someone who might have known Max .

Here’s the Comment, which initially references a post on Dr. Martin Luther King:

Wonderful, wise commentary you provide. Thank you. I am touched, moved and inspired. Bless you.
I found you by searching for Max Klainer, M.D., who was my mother’s doctor,
and shrink, it would seem. A deeply thoughtful, generous man whom my mother loved, and who helped me enormously. I find myself wanting to say thank you to someone who might have known Dr. Klainer, who, I assume, has passed away. Sorry for your loss, of your husband Jeremy.
And sorry to ramble here.”

I sent the comment along to family in Boston and Maine, and to Sara and Matt — Max’s grandkids.

Holt’s impulse to express gratitude for his mother’s care is a lovely thing, and the fact that someone who knew Max could find me after all these years and communicate is part of the marvel of blogging. This is the best of what an interconnected world can make possible.

The next post, about Facebook, references the internet’s darker side.

2 thoughts on “Writing Life: Finding my Blog

  1. for J: Yes indeed. My father-in-law was sort of a cold fish, but apparently not with his patients, many of whom adored him.

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