Mark Zuckerberg’s Regret

I found myself thinking of Robert McNamara and the other “whiz kids” who ran our country into a ditch over the Viet Nam war and caused untold suffering in that small country. McNamara was very smart, too smart perhaps to create such a cock-up over a misunderstood fight for independence and against longstanding colonial oppression. Fifty eight thousand American deaths and over three million VietNamese deaths later, the point was made.

Mark Zuckerberg was on CNN saying that Facebook was an optimistic and forward-looking company that maybe underestimated the capacity of companies like Cambridge Analytics to weaponize the information of unsuspecting Facebook users and cause havoc in the 2016 presidential election.

Ya think?

Zuckerberg joins the cast of characters known as very smart people who would benefit from a lot more common sense and real world skepticism. If Zuckerberg didn’t know it before, he has to know now that good people who allow bad things to happen on their watch don’t get a pass for the damage done. In this case, the damage is enormous: helping to inflict the Orange Tornado on our country and the world.

We hardly know the full toll yet of the Trump presidency, but once again, point made.

2 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg’s Regret

  1. Sheryl Sandburg was equally nauseating when she was interviewed on PBS News last night. You’d think it was a minor oversight, and “it was all public information anyway.” I was disgusted enough to mute her half way through her segment. They are on a full PR campaign to gloss everything over and present a positive spin. I hope congress has some good, hard questions ready for Zuckerburg, and that they don’t let him weasel his way out this time.

  2. for Phyllis: Facebook’s business model is collecting user data and selling it to advertisers. I don’t think most users quite got what that meant — and maybe Zuckerberg and Sandburgh and the rest of the leadership didn’t anticipate a Cambridge Analytics.

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