Move 2018: Halfway Through

Louise is being an enormously gracious host as I’ve crammed my two suitcases, computer, power cords, extra shoes, jackets, small umbrella and the like into her spare bedroom. She’s cooking wonderful meals, and serving up lovely wine and home made hummus and crackers in the late afternoon.

My move into my new home, which will come after my week in San Diego with Matt and family, depends on Sara and Ben’s move — and right now not all is as yet nailed down. I’m trying to be calm and assured — which got easier last night as I was able to see the path forward.

My taxes arrived on schedule at the new house. Two outdoor chairs that I ordered for the front deck did not — UPS claimed to be unable to find the house. I got a notice that I’d have to pick up the chairs at the distribution center — which prompted an immediate call to UPS. My favorite opening line is, “I’m a senior citizen and can’t possible find your distribution center, much less pick up two deck chairs.” The first part line is actually true, I am a senior citizen. The second part is a stretch — I could actually find the distribution center using Google nav, but I’m disinclined to. The agent with whom I spoke was apologetic. The chairs will be delivered on Friday.

I ended my YMCA membership, because I’m unlikely to come downtown to work out. But I am taking advantage of the workout room in Louise’s condo building.

It’s a little hard, honestly, not to be anchored to a place that is mine, with my familiar things — most of which are in boxes in the mover’s storage facility. But I’m coping.

I heard from an accomplished young woman for whom I was a mentor years ago. She said she’s not been able to find someone like me, and would I be willing to chat now and again about her career. I was touched. Nice affirmation, even after all these years. We set up a time.

No Grammie time for the kids this week, as I have no place to bring them and I’m distracted enough without the added tumult of small children. We’ll make up for it next week, on our Klainer West trip to San Diego.

Seattle is having a stretch of rainy and cool weather. I’d like it better if the sun was out and temps in the mid-50’s.

Onward and upward. Will continue to keep you posted.

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