Red State Teachers Striking

Conservatives have waged war on the very idea of taxes as a civic obligation, and the result in red states has been to decimate budgets for important public goods like education. The wave of teacher walk outs and strikes is happening in hard red states, where teacher salaries barely provide a middle class life and where students and faculty alike are shortchanged by crumbling buildings, broken equipment and aging textbooks. States like Oklahoma and Kentucky and West Virginia, not to mention Mississippi and Alabama and Louisiana, are seeing their public school systems deteriorate, and teachers are fed up.

Economic inequality is the source of a great deal of partisan tension in our country, and inequality is only made worse when education is not supported as part of a long term economic development strategy.

You know this isn’t going to get better under Trump or his ideological and educationally ignorant cabinet secretary Betsy DeVos.

There is an election coming in November 2018, but I have no idea how to reach people who intentionally vote against their own interests.


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