Getting to Know Seattle: Cherry Blossoms on UW Campus

We ended the afternoon visiting the gorgeous cherry blossoms on display in the heart of the main campus. Classes are in session, and students were criss-crossing the quad. I was struck by the number of foreign students, primarily Asian. Among the many things Trump is threatening with his bellicose rhetoric about non-whites within our borders is the nation’s large population of foreign students. They are a boon for colleges and universities, often paying full freight for  undergrad or graduate education. They are a soft sell opportunity for spreading our American democratic values. They spend money in the communities where they eat, shop, visit movies and entertainment venues and local bars.

People in the middle of Kansas or other parts of Trumplandia may not look favorably upon foreign non-white students, but in Seattle we certainly do.

6 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Cherry Blossoms on UW Campus

  1. Love the cherry blossoms, they are just magnificent. NayC has more snow yesterday. No cherry blossoms for us. However, we do have some crocus and daffodils.

  2. for Phyllis: I think so. Clearly they are well tended, and they are a signature part of the quad on this sprawling campus. While we were strolling along there were several tour groups of high school students and parents listening to current students extoll the virtues of the place.

  3. for Joyce: Growing up we used to visit Branch Brook Park in Newark to see the cherry blossoms. Then, the park got too dangerous. Now I understand it’s back to being a safe place for families, and the cherry blossoms survived the years of turmoil and are a big attraction again.

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