Conscious Aging: Accidentally Activating Voice Over on an IPhone

While we were enjoying the cherry blossoms Louise was trying to send a text to her grandson, a student at UW. She inadvertently activated something called Voice Over on her IPhone, which locks the keyboard. She was unable to access anything on her phone, and kept getting a completely obscure voice message from Apple. One thing the voice message did not tell her was how to fix the problem.

Happily I had my Google Pixel, and was able to ask Google what was happening and how to fix it. As my grandson Archie says, Google knows everything. The fix here was rather simple — three taps on the Home button. But if your keypad is locked, you can’t use your own phone to find out what to do.

Once we got home we asked Google again how to turn off the feature, which is quite simple.

I’m glad I’m not the only older person sent into fits by what our phones decide to do because some young programmer built in a shortcut that we never intended to use and have no idea how to get out of or avoid. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Accidentally Activating Voice Over on an IPhone

  1. for Katie: I’ve never had an IPhone. Given that son Matt works on the Google phone, logical that I’d have that. I like it, and have had few problems.

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