Shulkin Speaks Out

Many of the flood of original and second and third wave Trump appointees who are ousted by tweet, like Rex Tillerson, have decided to take the high road and remain silent on the slapdash quality of decision making in this administration. Not so Dr. David Shulkin, ousted head of the VA.

Trump is increasingly running the White House the way he ran his branding and marketing business, with a handful of people loyal to him who may or may not have much expertise in the areas for which they are hired — but who flatter Trump with fulsome and uncritical praise. Trump’s appointment of the White House personal physician to run the enormous and complex VA system falls into that category.

Dr. Shulkin was, by most accounts, a capable administrator who was making bold changes at the VA. However, he opposed privatizing the VA system — long a goal of conservatives and of the Koch network in particular. Lots of money to be made here for business men in the private sector, right?

I saw Dr. Shulkin on Sunday’s Meet the Press, and found him impressive. He isn’t trashing Trump — nor is he hedging on the real reason for his firing: opposing Trump and his self-dealing cronies on the issue of privatization.

There’s a good bit of punditry going on over whether Trump values expertise. Clearly not. Trump values flattery, disruptive behavior, nepotism, and the pretense of strength.

Still looking for what is going to take this loathsome man and his ethically challenged hangers-on and family members down. I could care less whether it’s Stormy Daniels or Robert Mueller or the emoluments clause. But for the good of the country, it has to be something. Looking for some signs of Dr. King’s belief that the moral arc of the universe bends toward justice.

2 thoughts on “Shulkin Speaks Out

  1. I have met Dr. David Shulkin, an experienced and dedicated hospital physician leader. Trump rejects science, even s and only wants yes men / women. It is an immoral travesty. I

  2. for Katie: Immoral travesty just about sums it up. I’m hoping the White House physician comes to his senses and realizes that he’s not up to the job. And, I hope Dr. Shulkin keeps speaking out.

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