The Move: Having a Future, Having a Past

Friend and regular reader Linda wrote a profound comment on my post about keeping the bike, because it’s my tether to a time in the past when Jerry was alive. Not all of you read the comments, so here it is:

In order to move toward a future we have to have had a past.”

I’ve been thinking about this since I first read it early on Friday morning. In Linda’s idea, the past is neither a millstone nor a validation, but rather the architecture upon which we create our future.

I tend to think of the present and future as positive and filled with possibility, the past not so much. The past is, as they say in film making, “already in the can”. Linda’s words give me a much more vibrant sense of the past, without which there is only life in the moment.

The chance for comments like this makes blogging stimulating for me — and by “Comments” I mean not only what is shared on the blog, but what many of you share with me privately. Thanks, friends, for helping me sustain a reflective life.

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