Move Out Day +1

Many of you have remarked on my super organization in getting out of my apartment in little more than three weeks, and arranging interim places to stay until I can move into Sara’s home here in Seattle. Just to set the record straight, it did go pretty well until right at the end yesterday, when I lost total control of what was supposed to come with me, what was supposed to be packed on my personal possessions, and what went to Sara’s to await my move in. Some of it was funny and easily fixed, some not so much — although all is now where it is supposed to be. Here’s the rundown:

Socks, underwear, pajamas, pants, shoes, workout clothes — with me.

Cotton long sleeve Tshirts that I wear every day — whoops. I did a final load of laundry and had them stacked up on my bed. The movers packed them and they are in storage. I have two to last me for 14 days. Will have to punt on that one, do lots of laundry or buy new.

Toothpaste and toothbrush — with me.

Deodorant, comb and brush, hair gel — at Sara’s. I have now retrieved them.

Meds that I take every day for BP and cholesterol — at Sara’s. That was a biggie. Louise and I were going out to dinner, and she took me by Sara’s to retrieve, which I did. Then we got caught in a huge rush hour traffic jam on the way to the restaurant.

Power cord for computer, phone, FitBit — with me.

Power cord for Kindle — at Sara’s. Now retrieved.

Checkbook, which I may need when my tax prep arrives — at Sara’s. Now retrieved.

Credit cards — with me. But, I stopped for a late lunch around 3pm after the movers left Sara’s, and I inexplicably left my credit card at the bar when I paid the bill. I have never, ever done that, and didn’t realize it until I went to pay our dinner check on Thursday night. I was going to call to cancel it, but Louise suggested I call the bar first, and sure enough they had it and would keep it overnight. Louise knew I’d worry, so back we went to Sara’s neighborhood for me to retrieve the card. The bartender laughed and showed me the drawer where they keep all credit cards left behind — he said doing so is hardly rare.

We got home sans traffic, and I had to be up early on Friday to get the car to the shop where it will get new brakes — bad timing in the midst of all this confusion. But, I took a Lyft up to Sara’s to get what I needed, will walk to get the car later, and I expect to sleep like a stone tonight.

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