Hogg v. Ingraham

Score one for the good guys. Conservative pundits like Laura Ingraham and Alex Jones and Ann Coulter pour out venomous criticism and rampant conspiracy theories with seemingly little consequence or accountability. But when Ingraham went after Marjorie Stoneham Douglas student David Hogg, she got it right back — wielded by a young man just as adept, if not more, at using the media. Ingraham made fun of Hogg for not being accepted at all the colleges to which he applied. He in turn called for a boycott of her advertisers, and got several of them to announce they were withdrawing their advertising dollars from her Fox news show.  Ingraham blinked first, offering a tepid apology for her slimy remarks.

You notice that Trump has been picking his battles, and not going after the Parkland school shooting survivors. I hope that if he does, Hogg and the others send a blowback pitch in his direction too.

It seems as if the adults who are trying to set limits on Trump could learn something from David Hogg.

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