Updating the Move

I relocated to Seattle in 2010, and I got a lot of new things. Some have held up well, and some now need to be replaced as I move into my new space.

When I moved here Matt and Amy gave me their almost-new leather couch, which turned out to be a less than optimal choice when you have a dog. Dog nails scratch leather. They planned to replace the leather couch before it got ruined, and I was happy to take it. The couch has held up beautifully, even though I don’t take the right kind of care of it — periodically treating the leather, for example.

My “new” bathmat did not hold up, and it looks dreadful. I really like the bathmat, which is why I haven’t replaced it. But take a look. I can’t, can’t move this to my new space.  I’ve tried scrubbing it, but those dark, dirty looking spots don’t come off. I’m sure I can find something equally fun on Amazon.

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