Trump’s Bimbo Eruptions

A representative of Women for Trump turned herself inside out to explain that as long as she and other conservative women get tax cuts and Neil Gorsuch, Trump gets a pass on womanizing. They knew who he was before they voted for him and it makes no difference to them. Oh, and they feel sorry for Melania. This was a CNN panel commenting on the Anderson Cooper interview with Stormy Daniels, which really raised the Ick Factor of the Trump presidency beyond my imagination and leaves me at a loss for words. Adding to the Ick Factor is the weird sexual fantasy thing Trump seems to have with Ivanka. He tells women he has sex with that they remind him of her.

David Gergen and Brian Stelter begged to disagree with the Trump lady. They said that character matters, and that even Republicans used to believe that character matters. The Trump lady was undeterred.

I am in the Gergen-Stelter camp: character matters. Trump has none. We need enough people to see that to take back the House in November, and hopefully the Senate too.

I’m not sure where we go as a country if the bottom line is that you can trade anything away as long as you get a few extra bucks at tax time and a neanderthal on the Supreme Court.

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