Last Weekend in my Apartment

I will miss some things about being in the heart of downtown Seattle. I’ll miss my gorgeous view of Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier. I’ll miss the cruise ships docked so close I could hit one with a spitball — the first one due to arrive around May 15. I’ll miss my local faves in terms of restaurants: CJ’s, Green Leaf, bar at SixSeven. I’ll miss being two blocks away from Louise.

But in my new neighborhood there will be a host of new things — and, I’m still a short walk or bus ride or Lyft away from all the things I enjoy downtown now.

Change is good — it keeps us paying attention to what we care about in life.

Countdown to the move. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Last Weekend in my Apartment

  1. for Louise: A bit of distance in our geography, but not in our friendship. 🙂 I won’t forget how to meet up on the corner.

  2. Yes, change is good. There are lots of new and exciting opportunities in your new home. You’ll have to visit downtown and soak in the harbor views occasionally.

  3. for Katie: I keep focusing on the fact that I’ll be in my new space in mid-April, and it feels exciting to plan my belongings in a very different space. Assuming I get through the next two weeks without a critical error — like having my checkbook packed away in storage with taxes to be filed and maybe something due — I’ll be fine.

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