McMaster’s Choice

I often turn on CNN while eating lunch, and on occasion that’s when Sarah Huckabee Sanders comes on to do the daily press briefing. I’ve become inured to her dodging and weaving around any serious questions, often muting the set until she is gone. Then I return the sound to see what the pundits have to say.

But I wonder, given that Sanders is a mother and person of evangelical faith, why it isn’t stomach-churning for her to defend Trump’s womanizing, payoffs, and ruthless efforts to silence the porn stars and Playmates who have filled in his sex life around Melania and his marriage.

Sanders is still firmly in as White House Press Secretary. HR McMaster is out.

Eliot Cohen, writing for the Atlantic, wonders if McMaster’s stomach-churning quotient was exceeded enough for him to write an honest and courageous memoir telling us what really goes on in the House of Trump:

“The national-security adviser had to, or in some cases chose to, say things that his inner nature must have abhorred. As a scholar trained by one of the best military historians in the country, for example, McMaster knows just how rancid a slogan America First is, what dangerous and even vile policy sentiments of 1940 and 1941 it reflected. It will be a hard memoir to write if he confronts that and other facts. Whether he chooses to do so will say something about him, of course, but something too about the readiness of decent and prominent men and women who have served or justified this administration to face the truth. From start to finish, the question about Trump and those who have served, supported, or opposed him has come down to character. McMaster’s memoir, should he write one, will, in many ways illuminate the battering to individual integrity the president has caused. It may also indicate whether the cuts can heal, leaving scars, as one hopes, rather than suppurating wounds.”

Given that Trump is raising the sycophant quotient a lot in his new hires, I for one would welcome an honest memoir.

I’m still going to mute the sound when Sarah Sanders comes on TV.

One thought on “McMaster’s Choice

  1. Re Sarah. I read in the WAPO many months ago that she truly believes that the election of Trump was part of God’s plan and since God did that, she can overlook his “shortcomings” regarding his lack of morality, his meanness and anything else distasteful. I find that absolutely appalling and frightening.

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