Bolton +1

One day after the announcement that John Bolton will be the new National Security Advisor, the pundits have it that the guy is truly dangerous, but maybe the ineptness of Trump’s White House operation will blunt the damage Bolton can actually effect.

God help us.

4 thoughts on “Bolton +1

  1. Home yesterday after 10 warm days in Maui. Have been catching up on blog posts this morning. Appropriate to all the recent Trump craziness, a car in the condo parking lot had a great bumper sticker……”ELECT A CLOWN; EXPECT A CIRCUS.”

  2. for Phyllis: Love the bumper sticker — may post about it today. Have just been reading about Bolton’s support of the anti-Muslim loonies like Pamela Gellert. What a disaster this Trump presidency is. So glad you had the time in Maui. And today my blog stats are booming!!!! Thank you for that.

  3. Bolton and Trump do not agree on Russia. Both Bolton and Trump are reputed to have “volatile” tempers. Bolton is said to “not suffer fools gladly.” Bolton is supposed to be VERY smart and extremely knowledgeable regarding Washington bureaucracy and how to handle it. If Tillerson found Trump to be a “*** moron” surely Bolton will too. However, Bolton is an ideologue and I think he will swallow the Russia stuff in order to get the Iran and North Korea and a sharp right turn to foreign policy accomplished. Like you said, God help us!

  4. for Ada: Trump is so easily manipulated by people who flatter him, this is going to be a disaster. And Bolton’s miserable temperament is just what the White House doesn’t need — another volatile person in a position of power.

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