Biden and Trump

Please, God, don’t let the Democrats nominate Biden for president in 2020. If they do we’ll have the spectacle of two pasty, out of shape old white men bloviating over knocking each other down behind the high school gym. Honestly, it’s like the septuagenarian World Wrestling smackdown, all the more ridiculous because of the two men involved.

Are Trump voters really in that much denial, that they can’t see how ridiculous the Trump presidency has become?

4 thoughts on “Biden and Trump

  1. My thoughts exactly after reading Biden’s comments yesterday. I wonder who will step up and be the candidate to beat Trump. I don’t think Bernie or Elizabeth Warren can do it.

  2. for Joyce: Really disappointing to see Biden act like this. I heard Corey Booker speak, and like him a lot — even though I know how deeply President Obama’s election inflamed racism on the conservative side of the electorate, and nominating another black man might send that part of the country over the edge. I don’t think Sanders or Warren can do it either. Maybe someone will emerge, the way President Obama did. One thing that disappoints me is that highly competent women like Patty Murray and Amy Klobuchar don’t look “presidential” enough. Part of the degradation of the presidency under Trump is the reality TV element, which seems to thrill so many of his voters. Simple competence won’t move them a bit.

  3. for Ken: I hardly ever attract Trump supporters, so thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment. I think I did call out both men for being beyond silly with their septuagenarian trash talk. But only one has degraded the presidency. I know Trump supporters like tax cuts and Neil Gorsuch. But don’t you have at least a twinge of concern about the back-to-the-1950’s mentality of Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, Wilbur Ross, Peter Navarro, et al? Aren’t you a little concerned that Trump can’t seem to focus on anything for more than 5 minutes? He’s brilliant at self-branding — that’s where his fortune has come from. But are those really the skills required in the presidency? I’d welcome any further comment you may want to make.

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