Trump and The Women

Anderson Cooper on CNN featured Trump’s lawyer’s lawyer arguing vociferously with Stormy Daniels’ lawyer over whether contract law requires the porn star to keep silent about her sexual shenanigans with Trump. Really, it was trashy and crude and I can’t see how it does Trump any good with anyone but his cult-like base. Any other normal person might be flat out disgusted that the presidency has sunk to this, especially after the grace and elegance and fundamental decency of President Obama.

There are now three women with active legal challenges against Trump — their threat to Trump’s presidency goes well beyond the 17 women who accused Trump of improper behavior toward them during the campaign. I hope women keep coming out of the woodwork and filing legal cases, and I hope and trust that at least some of them win. Trump’s past — and from the looks of it, it’s hardly even past — is coming back to haunt him. I’m glad.

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