Trump Feeling Invincible

Lord knows that Trump feeling invincible is bad for the country. Daniel Drezner, writing for the Washington Post, has a good piece on why Trump might feel that way.

Basically, Trump has a very short attention span, so if he does something and dire consequences don’t happen immediately — say in the first 20 minutes — he feels vindicated.

“If an adviser keeps warning you that bad things will happen and then they have not yet come to pass, you would start to doubt their worth as well.

The key word in that last paragraph is “yet.” There are many, many ways that this administration’s policies could go south real fast. If Trump thought about it he would probably realize some of his self-initiated moves, like firing James B. Comey, have been calamitous. And as White acknowledges, it is possible “Trump really does pose a massive systemic risk, and markets just can’t see it or can’t price it.” A botched summit could lead to war on the Korean Peninsula. All of Trump’s myriad miscues could come back to haunt him in the midterms.

But nothing bad has happened yet, so Trump will continue to feel emboldened. Essentially, he is acting like he is invincible. And people who think they are invincible tend to find out they are not in the harshest way possible.

Trump’s business history provides some clues as to the consequences of his ready assumption that he is invincible: he vastly overextended his commercial real estate venture, and nearly went bankrupt. He had to let go of that business at a huge loss, and confine himself to branding and marketing his name on Trump buildings and products instead. Fake real estate course, anyone? Overpriced condo? Ditto for his feelings of invincibility in the casino business, where he was an epic failure.

Trump will, I am quite sure, be judged among the worst, possibly the worst, president in our history. Just because it isn’t visible yet doesn’t mean it isn’t so.

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