More on Trump and Mueller

He can’t go there” are four very dangerous words to use with Trump, who in my view has some sort of oppositional defiance disorder. He relishes doing exactly what people tell him he can’t do, then when he’s challenged he doubles down and does it some more. Senator Jeff Flake used those words on CNN, and I imagine they will have no deterrent effect on Trump whatsoever as he edges closer to firing Robert Mueller.

Senator Lindsey Graham was more politic in trying to send Trump a ” don’t do it” message. Graham said that firing Mueller would be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency. I’m not sure what that means, and Graham didn’t elaborate on what he and his fellow Republicans in Congress might do if or when Trump crosses what they claim is a red line. Trump might listen to Graham, with whom he plays golf. Or he might not.

I’m not optimistic about Republicans in Congress developing some spine when they haven’t shown any up until now, no matter how outrageous Trump’s actions, words, and tweets have been. I suspect that only strong public opinion, perhaps in the form of a blue wave in the November elections, might change the equation.

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