Trump and McCabe

Trump is at heart a cruel and vicious man. Dangerous to give someone like that power, but many of us knew that. Trump voters did not, or knew it but didn’t care. Don’t care.

Shockingly to me, Trump’s authoritarian streak is perfectly acceptable to many of his voters. Here’s the latest from Quartz Weekend edition:

“It’s turning into quite a month for global strongmen.

Last weekend, Chinese president Xi Jinping upended his country’s two-term limit on power, meaning there’s now little to stop him from ruling for life. Two days later, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan pushed through sweeping changes to the electoral system that give him a strong chance of extending his 15-year reign in the 2019 elections.

And there’s zero doubt that Russia’s Vladimir Putin will be re-elected with a massive majority on Sunday, taking him to a total of 24 years in power by the end of his next six-year term.

Donald Trump responded last week by joking that America should itself give the president-for-life thing “a shot someday.” But the idea could have some actual backing among Trump voters: A 2017 Pew poll showed that 33% of Republicans (paywall) would like a “strong leader” whose power is unchecked by courts or Congress.

I’ve read elsewhere that the core values of democracy are less important to younger generations than they are to people my age.

Where does this end? We used to have something called civics, or civic education. I hate to sound like a crotchety old fogey, but maybe we need to get back to it — rebranded of course with a more contemporary name.

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