Trump’s Chaotic Turnover

Trump was never, with a very few exceptions like Jim Mattis, able to attract anything but third-raters and sycophants to his administration. The rate of turnover has been astonishing and yes, despite what Trump says about liking chaos, turbulent and dysfunctional.

I doubt the new team coming in will be better than what Trump started with. They are likely to be worse, given the shabby way Trump treats people and the level of slobbering over the occupant of the Oval Office that is required. What competent person in his or her right mind would put up with that? Media pundit Larry Kudlow is willing, obviously. That speaks for itself.

I think everyone who stays gets tarnished, and that includes people like Mattis and McMaster. It’s not a pretty scene.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Chaotic Turnover

  1. There’s more people fired than in an entire season of “The Apprentice.” Trump’s simply following his only experience, “You’re fired.” No one of substance would work for him. They say 3 more are to go soon, including the VA Secretary Shulkin.

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