Trump’s Best People

Did you see Betsy DeVos on 60 Minutes? She and Ben Carson are in a serious race for the bottom in terms of who knows least about the Department they are charged with running, Education and HUD respectively. They are two of what Trump promised us when he took office, that he would bring into the White House “the best people”.

DeVos and Carson are the incompetents. Then there are the ethically challenged ones, like Pruitt and Zinke and Shulkin and Javanka. Then there are the wife beaters, like Rob Porter.

Topping off Trump team are the sycophants, like Mnuchin, who defends Trump’s slurs toward others as “he likes to give people funny names”. That would include calling Senator Warren “Pocahontas”. I wonder if Mnuchin would find it funny if Trump called him “little Jew boy”.

This is the least talented and least qualified White House team in my lifetime, serving the least talented and least qualified president. We shouldn’t expect much. Trump’s talent is in fleecing people for his personal gain. That’s not what a president does.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Best People

  1. We were aghast as we watched the interview with Betsey DeVos, who clearly knows nothing about Education. At the time she was appointed I had said “with so many EdD experts in this country, why appoint DeVos?” The answer was her family, heirs to the Amway (soap) fortune, were large donors to the Republican party. Her ignorance and condescending attitude were embarrassing. My immediate response to DeVos’ interview was she get’s an “F-“! Last night, Anderson Cooper said the same thing as did Cobert on the Late Show. It’s a continuing disaster. This morning he fired Tillerson. This roller coaster disaster continues

  2. for Katie: DeVos at Education is like having me run nursing at your hospital. And Tillerson’s ouster confirms for me that Trump can only tolerate sycophants reporting to him. Great. Just great. “Disaster” is the right word.

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