The Move: Timeline Emerging

A timeline is beginning to emerge. I have to be out of the apartment by March 31, and I’ll stay with Louise here in Seattle for a week while my furniture goes into storage. Ben and Sara close on their new place in early April. They should be out of Sara’s and into their new home by mid-April, and I’ll be in to Sara’s shortly after.

I have some people coming to measure room darkening shades for the bedrooms — I got rid of curtains a long time ago at San Gabriel Drive and have no plans to install any. I think curtains are just dust catchers, and I like as much light in during the day as possible. I also have a landscaper coming to give an estimate. I think I know how I want my furniture to go in the new space.

Deciding where to hang my art will be the capstone of the moving project, and the most fun. I don’t actually know that yet. I have to put the pieces in place along the walls, and move individual works around from one place to another. Placement leads to quite a different feel, depending on what I choose to put with what — a bit like curating a room in a museum exhibit, on a much smaller scale.

I’m quite excited now that things are starting to fall into place. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Move: Timeline Emerging

  1. for Katie: The Seattle Art Museum had a lecture by someone on their staff of curators who talked about the process of deciding what goes with what when they are bringing in a traveling exhibit, and how those decisions totally shape the viewer’s experience of the art. Her talk was fascinating, and since then I’ve paid much more attention to how I put things together. I think of it as curating my own home, even though I have no trained curator skills. 🙂

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