Conscious Aging: Back in the Groove

I love travel, but I get way out of whack in terms of diet and exercise. As I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, I gained four pounds through a combination of Gloria’s cooking in Panama and that of my brother-in-law Paul in Maine. I enjoyed every wonderful meal — but I wasn’t able to hold a steady weight. My exercise was spotty as well, although I did the best I could.

I’m back in the groove. I completed 106,410 steps last week, or 46.84 miles of brisk walking exercise. I lost 2 of the 4 pounds I’m trying to take off, to get back to my “new” set point. I feel healthy, and optimistic, even with all the impending changes in my life.

Part of my intense focus on this has to do with blood pressure, which behaves better at the lower weight and with regular exercise. Part has to do with the fact that I simply feel better.

Back in the groove. 🙂

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