Trump and the North Koreans

Trump has such an inflated sense of his own personality that he believes he can meet with the North Korean leader without any preparation and get some sort of breakthrough deal. What a miserable narcissist Trump is. I really have to wonder at anyone who chooses to spend time with him — like Melania, for starters. I guess I understand his kids. They didn’t choose him for a father. He paid little attention to them growing up. Now, every dollar and bit of status they have depends on him. It’s a symbiotic relationship: he needs flattery and adoration, they need his attention, which they get through flattery and adoration. Melania got a green card and eventually citizenship, and a gilded life in the tower. But it’s hard to figure out anyone else — Sarah Sanders, for example.

Trump leapt a the chance to meet with Kim Jong-un, didn’t have to be convinced at all, practically ran into the White House briefing room to announce the big news. Trump is giving Kim Jong-un what he’s always wanted, which is to stand as an equal with a U.S. president. So far Kim Jong-un hasn’t given anything at all in return, and it’s not clear he’s going to. Trump will spin this as a big diplomatic win, and his followers who think he’s anointed by God will nod and vote for him again.

All of the pundits can talk about how this is a fiasco on a policy level, at least potentially. But I’m focusing on the personal — on Trump as an ego-inflated empty suit. Eventually bubbles pop, and all the credibility leaks out. I have increasing faith that it’s going to happen. Interesting to wonder what the vehicle will be — maybe something that comes out of left field like Stormy Daniels.

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