The Move: Upbeat Again

I suppose all big changes come with roller coaster emotions. I’ve gone from “what a great idea” to “so soon? Oh. Well, I can make this happen” to “what was I thinking?” to “why didn’t I remember I hate grinding through details” to “I love this new house and I’m totally excited.”

That’s where I am today, as I write. I was up at the house this morning, and sunlight filled the rooms. The garden is greening up. I have a landscaper coming to give estimates. I love beautiful gardens, but despite my father’s family having been Iowa farmers and my aunts who had hugely productive gardens of tomatoes and sweet corn and berries out of which they made luscious pies, I did not inherit the gardening gene. I love to look at beautiful gardens. I don’t love planting, weeding, pruning, or otherwise dealing with things that emerge from dirt. I believe in giving that work to people who find joy in it. I’m happy to pay well for their talent.

I’ve been mentally shifting furniture around, to see how I’d like the rooms. I’m going to have a real, live master bedroom with closets and a fab bathroom — part of the new addition Sara put on.

Closet space in the apartment has been a real issue. There’s one utility closet with washer and dryer where I keep my coats, vacuum, and laundry supplies — very crowded and rarely neat. Then I have one long closet in my bedroom, rather narrow. That’s it. In the new house, there are lots of closets. I have no plans to fill them up with junk, but it will be nice to be able to put things away without stacking shoes on  top of shoes and cramming my hangars far too close together to fit everything in.

Already looking for outdoor chairs for the front and back deck.

I’m really having fun. 🙂

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