The Move: One More Good Thing

One more good thing about the move occurred to me overnight, when my brain was spinning and I couldn’t get to sleep. Sara’s house has regular windows, which I will be able to have open while I sleep. I really like fresh air at night, and have always kept windows open a bit even in winter. My apartment is air conditioned, but closed up tighter than a drum. No windows to open — just my fixed-in-place wall of floor to ceiling windows. There is a door out to the balcony that I can open to let in a blast of fresh air, but I can’t leave it open. Crows perch on the balcony, and I’m manic that one will fly in. Plus it’s much noisier, and much grittier, when the door is open. That same train track that carries plane fuselages also carries long open train cars filled with coal. When one is going by the air is filled with black particles which I prefer to keep outside.

Friend and regular reader Ada reminds me that life is full of trade-offs. It’s a good thing to keep in mind. Having windows that I can open is definitely on the plus side of the ledger.



6 thoughts on “The Move: One More Good Thing

  1. Such an exciting time for all of you. This sounds like a happy, voluntary move which is always a plus at our age. Enjoy upsizing.

  2. Ice to have windows that you can open. The trade off of the view (which you can carry via photos) seems less than all you’ll gain in the move.

  3. Awesome! See, many positives in the move. You’ll be set. Just the quickness of it has your mind spinning. All good things! Can’t wait.

  4. for Joyce: My furniture will mostly fill the space, except for the bedrooms. But Sara has extra mattresses and box springs that she’s willing to leave. I’m going to have a guest bedroom, and a room for the kids when they are ready to sleep overnight, and my master bedroom. I think I’m going to like the additional space very much.

  5. for J: I think you’re right — it is the suddenness of it all. But I couldn’t pass up this couple taking over the lease — too good all around. And I don’t have to downsize. I’ve already done that. I can make it work.

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