Conscious Aging: Trade-Offs

I’m getting a lot by moving into Sara’s home: more space, a garden and outdoor deck, a new neighborhood to explore. The house is walking distance for my grandchildren, and there’s a bedroom where they can sleep over. I’ve hesitated to have Archie or Else stay overnight here — the 11th floor balcony with a waist-high railing easy to climb seemed too dangerous to me. I’ll have a reasonable kitchen again, indeed a great kitchen. The costs will be about the same as what I’m paying here. I’ll have a guest room for friends to stay.

I do give some things up — things that only a downtown apartment overlooking Puget Sound can offer.

Life is full of trade-offs. I’ll be able to walk to this, but I won’t see it right outside my wall of windows.


6 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Trade-Offs

  1. I’ve always told my “kids” that life is a series of compromises! This sounds like a great move. And maybe I’ll get to see it come fall…

  2. for Ada: I think it is a great opportunity, even though it means giving up things I like to find new things I will like.

  3. for Katie: The views from here have been stunning. Good idea to have them enlarged and framed.

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