Rita Moreno’s 1962 Dress

Rita Moreno, 86 years old, won an Oscar in 1962 for Best Supporting Actress in West Side Story. On Sunday night, she wore the same dress she’d worn back then. Kudos Rita!

Totally aside from whether an aging body with all its changes would still fit into a dress you wore in 1962 — Moreno’s did — who still owns anything you wore in 1962? Not me. Do you?

4 thoughts on “Rita Moreno’s 1962 Dress

  1. It was fabulous! Rita kept the dress as it was a memory of one of her most special moments in life. We all keep memories. I still have My wedding dress from 1973, a handmade white eyelet with tiny pink roses. I wore it as a costume years later. I definitely have nothing from the 60s

  2. Not I. Except for my wedding dress which is “preserved” in a box! Weigh the same, but things are arranged differently! So probably it would not fit the way it did when I was 22.

  3. for Katie: Wedding dress makes sense. Others have garments from that era, for different reasons. Blog post tomorrow.

  4. for Ada: That’s what I was thinking — body shape has changed. Good for her for still being able to wear the dress. She looked wonderful, I thought.

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