Getting to Know Seattle: Flash Fried Beecher’s Cheese Curds

Seattle is a great foodie town, but despite the hype on locally produced foods not everything that is local is healthy to eat. Enter Flash Friend Beecher’s Cheese Curds, currently a special at Steelhead Diner in Pike Place Market.  Steelhead is a great place, and Beecher’s is a local cheese emporium, also in the market.

Cheese curds are solid pieces of curdled milk and they squeak when you eat them.  Cheese curds are how you make poutine, a Canadian specialty that involves cheese curds in brown gravy over french fries. Flash fried cheese curds are solid pieces of curdled milk, quickly fried. Steelhead is serving them with tangy mustard vinaigrette and tartar sauce.  The cheese curds turn brown when you flash fry them, according to the picture I got in the promotional email message.

Poutine sounds nasty but actually tastes pretty good. I imagine flash fried cheese curds are good too, although I have no plans to try them. Cheese is a little iffy from a cholesterol standpoint, and fried cheese is, well, like fried ice cream — really pushing the envelope.  Especially when you add tartar sauce. 🙂

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